Hey, I’m Jeff Small, pleased to meet ya! I’m the very same Jeff Small who works as Group Director of Creative Technology for VMLY&R and The Navy Partnership, a WPP “supergroup” of agencies that service the United States Navy’s advertising and marketing efforts. In this role I’m primarily responsible for overseeing and maintaining all of the United States Navy’s digital advertising and technology. My “domain” includes Navy.com, the Navy’s social media properties, digital media, and their lead management/CRM systems. I’m also chiefly responsible for bringing digital innovation to the greatest Navy to ever sail the oceans of the world. Not a bad gig for a former Aviation Ordinanceman who began his career humping bombs and missiles on A-6 Intruders in the VA-165 Boomers. 

I’ve worked in advertising for over 25 years, primarily in digital advertising. I began my career as a programmer and have worked my way through world-class agencies with responsibilities such as Senior Digital Strategist, Lead Technology Director, and Senior Partner/Director of Creative Technology. I’ve spent most of my professional life working hand-in-hand with some of the most creative people in advertising, have loved every minute of it, and along the way won a few awards.

Take a look around, check out some of my favorite work, soak in some of my passions… and enjoy the ride!


Dad, husband, avid cyclist, sometime surfer, wannabe skateboarder, reader of comics, collector of art, eater of fresh fruit, player of video games, tinkerer, builder of lego models, hopeful maker, thoughtful strategist, pusher of boundaries, teller of jokes, and proud former sailor.

The world famous blog

Social Media for Parents… at least here’s how we’re gonna do it

My daughter just turned 13. Now, there is a whole list of things I’m not prepared for, and this is definitely high up on the list. She’s becoming a teenager and I feel like I need to prepare all of us for her upcoming participation in having and maintaining a presence online. Part of that …

A quick note

Words and pictures by me. Photos were all taken at various locations around the world aboard ships, in candy shops, at amusement parks, comic conventions, hovering over desks, etc. capturing anything and anyplace that catches my eye. Everything you see here was shot with an iPhone. No special app, just the camera. I sometimes do a little Photoshop/GIMP shit for the fun stuff like tilt shifts and color adjustments, but beyond that, it’s just stuff I’ve spontaneously shot with a phone.


Contact Me

You can reach me all kinds of ways, there’s no magic here.

I’m not gonna put a form on my site or try some hacky way to get you to hit me up. I live in Atlanta and work at VMLY&R downtown if you wanna drop by and buy me lunch (they have a Gus’ Fried Chicken right down the street!). I’m all over Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook (but really, I do keep Facebook on lock-down… you’ll probably need to be a legit friend, or maybe hit me up on Messenger). Of course, you can always email me if you wanna contact me all directly-like. 

You can also send me an owl because… I mean, you ARE a wizard, aren’t you?