To all my friends who have Playstation 3…

Hey, friend me!

I’m on the Playstation Network now and I’m not sure who else that I even know has one. I think a couple of my friends either on Facebook or Twitter have Playstations, but for the most part, I’ve been all about Xbox360 for so long that I’ve never really followed who even has a Playstation 3, or who’s on the Playstation Network. Hell, I don’t even know what the Playstation Network is, I just know I signed up and joined it when I got my PS3.

So if you’ve got one, send a friend request… or whatever they call it on Playstation, and let’s hook up. I’m curious to see what people play in a world without “Halo”. I think I’m gonna grab a driving game or perhaps one of the Call of Duty or Battlefield games for Playstation, but I’d really like to see what multiplayer games my friends play before I dive in.

So jump on that. Let’s get this party started! My “Gamertag” (for lack of a better term… what DO they call it?) is “JeffRSmall”. Hit me up, yo.

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    1. Oh, absolutely not. My number one recommendation is Battlefield 2 Bad Company. Then download the Vietnam add on. The game is pure gold.

      Honestly, I’m not really sold on the PS3 right now. I’ve got Harry’s “Gods of War” two-pack, and it’s good, button-mashing fun, but so far I haven’t run across a “must own” PS3 exclusive. Now granted, I haven’t gotten my hands on Ratchet and Clank yet, or Grand Turismo, and those are both on my “to get” list.

      But oh no, I am *certainly* no abandoning my Xbox at all. In fact, as soon as I hit “Submit Reply” I’m gonna fire up Halo Reach and try to finish level 8. Catch me on there anytime and we can totally play co-op! Gamertag: JeffSmall

  1. I’ve got one and I’m not sure what the Playstation network is either. I got mine mainly to play the Gran Turismo series – Prologue and now 5. It was the cheapest way to go Blue Ray when I bought in. It’s not the best hi def player on the market but it’s not bad.

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