January 16, 2010

From Abby's science kit, appropriately titled, "My First Science Kit".

Last night, after dinner, we "did science". My daughter got a science kit from Santa Claus, and the first series of experiments are all about color theory. We created all those various colors by pipetting three primary colors from test tubes. Then we added Polyacrylamide crystals to the colored water and "grew" colored crystals. She loved it, almost as much as I did.

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    1. Hmmm… “snow”… you know, I’m not sure. One was color theory and one was “mind blowing science”. The “mind blowing science” kit has a lot of pH-related “experiments” that fizz and pop and bubble. Fun to watch, but the actual “science” is a little over a 5 year old’s head. I struggled for about two minutes with how to explain “the concentration of hydrogen ions”… then another two minutes with, “ion”… then just went with… “let’s make more stuff that fizzes and pops!”

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