Presenting US Navy Recruiting at VML’s Annual Meeting

Last week, Captain Dave Bouve and I had the immense pleasure of jointly presenting some of the amazing work that VML has produced as a partner in The Navy Partnership at this year’s VML Annual Meeting. How we’re working with our great WPP partners to reach a new audience and introduce them to the US Navy’s unique form of National Service. It was an honor to stand on stage with the Captain and show off the amazing work our collective team has done. I couldn’t have been more proud of the team we’ve assembled.

This was a really fun afternoon. This was my second Annual meeting since joining VML and it was a great experience. Yours truly walks out around 9:17 and gets a chance to humblebrag on all the great stuff we’ve been able to work on with the Partnership. Captain was great, really knocked it out of the park. I was nervous… big audience… no pressure… but it wound up going off pretty much without a hitch!

As a bonus, I was honored to be awarded the VML Spark Award for Atlanta! It was completely unexpected and I was blown away when they started reading the winner’s bio… Podcast? Comic Books? Wait a minute… Great stuff and I have tremendous gratitude for all of the opportunities the VML has provided for me and was humbled beyond belief by the award. It was the topping to an amazing day.

SXSW 2013 and Walter

Last month, I had one of the most amazing experiences of my professional career. I was a participant in WALTER. The first startup agency for startups. We spent 5 days from start to finish, introductions and pitches to go-to-market campaign, hellos to goodbyes.

Then poof, it was over.

In those five days we met over a dozen startups, put together a brand strategy, developed a creative brief, and put together a fantastic 60-second spot. We also ate barbecue, stood in some lines, and listened to some great bands. It was a hack-a-thon for advertising, and we killed it. I’m so proud to have participated in it and it’ll remain one of the greatest experiences of my advertising career.

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The Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Day One

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving and I thought since it’s seven days until Turkey Day, why not try to blog once a day about something I’m thankful for? While I’m not actually certain that I can think of seven things off the top of my head, I’m fairly confident I can pull this off. I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m surrounded by great people, my life is practically perfect in every way, I’m amazingly healthy, and I’m the happiest I think I’ve been in my whole life. So I don’t think I’ll want for subject matter.

So day one, I think I’ll give a shout out to work. I’m thankful for not only having a job in this economy, but having the job I’ve got. I work with great people. Every day I get to come to a place that’s creative, that likes to think, that enjoys helping partners and clients solve problems that help their businesses, and that’s a pretty great thing. I really love my job and what I do, and for that, I’m thankful.

So here’s to work. Work is good.