The Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Day Five, Six, and Seven

Hug the people you love. Tell them you love them. Make sure they know how much they mean to you. If you have kids, hold them tight and be right there, in that moment. Don’t be anywhere else in your head. Hold your wife (or husband). Tell them how much they mean to you. Call your mom, dad, sister, brother. Tell them how much they’ve impacted your life. When I say the words, “best friend”… you know the face that just popped into your head? Call them today. Tell them how much it means to have them in your life. Tell them a funny story about something you two did that you always think about that makes you smile.

THAT is what’s important. Nothing else. Not work, not “the internet”, not TV, not anything you can get on eBay.

That’s the “Seven Days of Thanksgiving”. I’m finishing it up early because I’m not going to waste time sitting around thinking about things to blog about over the next week. I’m going to spend that time with the people I love.

You do the same. We’ll get back together after the holidays. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with the ones who are most important to you.

Be thankful for them.

The Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Day Four

Friends. Not “Facebook Friends”. Real friends. Friends that you regularly spend time with. Friends that you talk to. Friends that you’re honest with. Friends that you think to call when times get rough, or you need support. Friends that call you when they need support, or advice… or just an ear. Friends without judgement. Friends that are there for you, or that you’re there for, no matter what, at the drop of a hat. Friends that don’t play games, or add drama to your life. Friends that are just… friends.

If you have these people in your life, take a moment and thank them.

The Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Day Three

Easy one tonight, Family.

I’m sitting here typing this after one of those nights that you always look back on as “one of the greats”. My mother-in-law’s birthday. Me, my wife, the kids, my brother-in-law, his wife, their kids, and my mother-in-law… all spent the evening bowling down in Surfside Beach. I wouldn’t trade nights like this for all the money in the world. My brother-in-law lives in the same neighborhood, across the street. Our daughters have spent their whole lives growing up across the street from each other, sharing playdates, birthdays, holidays and a whole host of important days and memories. My mom and dad live right across town in a town that’s only about 15 minutes across and my mother-in-law lives right on the way to work. I’m surrounded by family and I love it. I’m very fortunate to be this close to the people who matter most and I don’t ever forget it. We don’t want for babysitters who are eager to get the kids.

This Thanksgiving we’ll spend it over at my parents’ house and I won’t forget to take a minute and give thanks for the location and the company.

The Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Day Two

I’m sitting on the sofa writing this while I watch “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” and help Abby cut out pictures from an activity book (I cut out all the hands, “because they’re hard”). After the movie we’re going to go shopping for birthday presents for Grandma, who’s coming over tonight to eat dinner (and a cake we’re going to bake, later). After dinner and after the kids are in bed, I’ll make a little time to go out in the garage and ride my bike on the rollers.

I’m thankful for time. I’m thankful that I have a whole day like today to spend with my wife and kids doing nothing more than enjoying each other’s company and making memories together.

There are a lot of things you could be thankful for, but if you don’t have time to enjoy them, they’re not much use, are they?

The Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Day One

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving and I thought since it’s seven days until Turkey Day, why not try to blog once a day about something I’m thankful for? While I’m not actually certain that I can think of seven things off the top of my head, I’m fairly confident I can pull this off. I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m surrounded by great people, my life is practically perfect in every way, I’m amazingly healthy, and I’m the happiest I think I’ve been in my whole life. So I don’t think I’ll want for subject matter.

So day one, I think I’ll give a shout out to work. I’m thankful for not only having a job in this economy, but having the job I’ve got. I work with great people. Every day I get to come to a place that’s creative, that likes to think, that enjoys helping partners and clients solve problems that help their businesses, and that’s a pretty great thing. I really love my job and what I do, and for that, I’m thankful.

So here’s to work. Work is good.