Daddy Daughter Podcast Episode 6 – Animal Crossing, Christmas, And Willy Wonka

We’re back on the podcasting bandwagon after an extended hiatus! This week Abby and I discussed her obsession with all things Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She’s been playing the game for almost six months now and was able to wrangle a copy for mom and dad from Santa Claus, so now she has people visiting her town. We also got into the “Willy Wonka vs Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” debate and chatted a bit about her ever-expanding Monster High doll collection (thanks again, Santa).

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Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

Dragon*Con 2014 – Part 1: The Costumes

Well, of course the my FIRST post about Dragon*Con (don’t worry, there will be a couple more, I promise!) has to be about the Costumes. It’s well known that of ALL the conventions during the summer, that Dragon*Con in particular is perhaps the most well known among Cosplayers. It’s one of the main attractions of the convention, and the layout of Dragon*Con with it being spread between several inter-connected hotels and hotel lobbbies is the perfect environment to see and be seen. The below gallery of 66 images was taken by myself over the course of just two and a half days of convention. I arrived early Friday afternoon and left Sunday evening. In between, I stopped whoever looked particularly good and space (and traffic!) permitted. Always ask politely to take a picture and ALWAYS move the subject out of the main flow of traffic. If you can do these two things, you’ll score a nice treasure trove of photos of some really talented CosPlayers.

The First Annual Southern Fried Gameroom Expo 2014

Oh my gosh. Where to begin? This past weekend I attended the First Annual Southern Fried Gameroom Expo at the Marriott Century Center.

It. Was. Amazing.

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever attended anything so awesome in recent memory. They had completely taken over the Marriott, and when I say, “completely taken over”, I mean “COMPLETELY TAKEN OVER”. I’ve been to that Marriott at least half a dozen times in the last couple of years for the quarterly single-day Atlanta Comic Book Convention (which is a great convention, by the way!) and it’s not even remotely been this packed. They had every ballroom in the place and every conference room open to convention-goers and packed with Pinball, Coin-op Arcade Video Games, Home Video consoles, retro/oldschool game systems, as well as various vendors stationed throughout the expo. It was great. Even if you walked up to the door, day of the show, it was only $20 admission for unlimited gaming, all the expo events, movie screenings, panels, and tournaments. Advance tickets were actually half that much! Note to self, when that thing comes around next year, make sure and buy advanced three day tickets.

I got there a little early on Saturday to participate in the Swap Meet. I’ve been dying to find an arcade cabinet for a while for a MAME project, and I got some business cards and talked to some people who can definitely help me when the time’s right. I am SO going to build a MAME cabinet with an oldschool controller setup. I saw some great examples of them there, and I think the cabinet might very well wind up being the most expensive part of the project. I also spent some time in the vintage home video system room playing Atari, Virtualboy, Intellivision, and my favorite vintage home video system of all time: Coleco Vision. What a great system.

Enjoy the photo gallery. I tried to upload some of the best pics I snapped while I was there. It was a fun time. If you heard about it this year and for some reason didn’t get to make it, by all means, don’t make that mistake next year. Here’s looking forward to the second annual one in 2015!

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Giddy with excitement.

If I were trapped on a desert island, and it was me, some coconuts, an xbox360, an HDTV and only one game (we’re assuming the island has an electrical outlet… hey, it’s MY desert island, not yours), the game would be Battlefield. Ever since I first walked in on my friend Kris playing conquest on a PC about ten years ago, I’ve been hooked. Unlike most of my PC-gaming brethren, I’ve long since preferred the console Battlefield experience over the PC (Except for Battlefield 2, which was arguably the greatest multiplayer experience you could have that didn’t contain the words “Roman Orgy”) and have been a faithful Battlefield player since I beta tested Battlefield on the Sony Playstation 2. Which, by the way, was actually why I bought a PS2. When I found out I could get an invite to the beta, I immediately replied, “of course I have a PS2” and swiftly left the house to go buy one.

So when I saw this, I nearly fainted. When I saw the bit at the end about pre-ordering and getting “Back to Karkand” expansion pack at no charge, I’m not ashamed to admit I pooped myself AND got hives.

To all my friends who have Playstation 3…

Hey, friend me!

I’m on the Playstation Network now and I’m not sure who else that I even know has one. I think a couple of my friends either on Facebook or Twitter have Playstations, but for the most part, I’ve been all about Xbox360 for so long that I’ve never really followed who even has a Playstation 3, or who’s on the Playstation Network. Hell, I don’t even know what the Playstation Network is, I just know I signed up and joined it when I got my PS3.

So if you’ve got one, send a friend request… or whatever they call it on Playstation, and let’s hook up. I’m curious to see what people play in a world without “Halo”. I think I’m gonna grab a driving game or perhaps one of the Call of Duty or Battlefield games for Playstation, but I’d really like to see what multiplayer games my friends play before I dive in.

So jump on that. Let’s get this party started! My “Gamertag” (for lack of a better term… what DO they call it?) is “JeffRSmall”. Hit me up, yo.