Heroes Con Saturday Evening Art Auction

Of course, I have a LOT MORE to write about Heroes Con last weekend, including shots of some of the sketches I got, some of the sketches my daughter got, and some of the comics I scored. But first I wanted to post these cool shots of the Annual Heroes Con Art Auction that I was able to shoot walking around Saturday night. The room was crowded and by the time I was able to make my way up to the front walls, art was already flying off the walls, so this is just a sampling of what was left.

Great stuff by Skottie Young, Wilfredo Torres, Joseph Michael Linsner, Bernie Wrightson, Joe Eisma, Sandy Jarrell, David Petersen, Francis Manapul, Joe Pekar, and a host of artists!.


Dragon*Con 2014 – Part 1: The Costumes

Well, of course the my FIRST post about Dragon*Con (don’t worry, there will be a couple more, I promise!) has to be about the Costumes. It’s well known that of ALL the conventions during the summer, that Dragon*Con in particular is perhaps the most well known among Cosplayers. It’s one of the main attractions of the convention, and the layout of Dragon*Con with it being spread between several inter-connected hotels and hotel lobbbies is the perfect environment to see and be seen. The below gallery of 66 images was taken by myself over the course of just two and a half days of convention. I arrived early Friday afternoon and left Sunday evening. In between, I stopped whoever looked particularly good and space (and traffic!) permitted. Always ask politely to take a picture and ALWAYS move the subject out of the main flow of traffic. If you can do these two things, you’ll score a nice treasure trove of photos of some really talented CosPlayers.

June 2, 2011

From the top of the hill, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Oak Harbor Washington

(Click The Photo To View A Much Larger Version)
Standing at "the top of the hill", overlooking my old stomping grounds. I shot three images and stitched them together using Adobe Photoshop's Panorama Tool. From my May, 2011 trip to the island.

January 21, 2010

I suppose I'm okay with that...
I dumped the RSS feed for the blog into a wordcloud generator just to get a sense of what I was saying. I like it. I can go to sleep at night knowing that's more or less what I choose to write about. I can dig it.

January 16, 2010

From Abby's science kit, appropriately titled, "My First Science Kit".

Last night, after dinner, we "did science". My daughter got a science kit from Santa Claus, and the first series of experiments are all about color theory. We created all those various colors by pipetting three primary colors from test tubes. Then we added Polyacrylamide crystals to the colored water and "grew" colored crystals. She loved it, almost as much as I did.

December 1, 2010

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na... Batman!

Saw it in Bi-Lo, on the way out. Immediately thought, "Abby will love this".
By the time I got to the office, the package was torn open, and I was going, "VROOOM VROOOM!" on my desk.
Am I a horrible parent?"

“Up up up and down, Turn turn turnaround, Round round roundabout, And over again…”

Last weekend we went to Family Kingdom Amusement Park. They’re a client of ours, and I had gotten some wristband passes that we hadn’t used all summer. Living at the beach, you tend to avoid the tourist hotspots. Since it was technically “the end of summer” we thought perhaps the crowds wouldn’t be that bad, and the weather would at least be accommodating. They weren’t, and it was. We had a fantastic time. I honestly had no idea they had so many terrific kids rides. My wife and I had the most amazing time just walking around and letting her ride everything she wanted to ride. It was a perfect Sunday, the kind of day you work all week and look forward to, then spend the entire following week looking back on with overflowing happiness. Definitely a day that memories are made of.

While we were there, I thought, “well, I’ve got this wristband on, and it doesn’t look like there’s anyone in line for the rollercoaster, and I DID bring my Flip Video camera with me… I wonder how hard it would be to shoot a video of that rollercoaster?”. Okay, so it was a little more difficult than I thought, but it was fun nonetheless, and it did give me an opportunity to play with my iMovie. I’ve had that on my “to do” list now since I bought my Macbook, but I just haven’t really had anything fun to edit… until now. I definitely think I wanna shoot more videos.

Anyway, awesome family weekend spent with the most amazingly wonderful family on earth… enjoy the video.