Introducing Project Edge

Last year at Max, there was ONE demo that rocked my world. In fact, it rocked my world so hard, I went on a mission to find Doug Winnie and pick his brain. I was singularly focused wandering the expo hall like a zombie asking everyone wearing a black shirt, “hey, have you seen Doug Winnie?”

It was code named, “Edge”. It’s described as, “an HTML5 animation and interactive design tool”.

Did you read what I just wrote? Stop for a minute. Go back and slowly let that sink in.

The company that owns Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, inDesign, After Effects, Flex, ColdFusion and a whole host of other visual design tools is developing a product that allows you to create interactivity and animation with web standards technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.

When I saw the demo in LA last year, I practically shit myself. I literally can’t wait for this product, and I want you to know, I didn’t use the word “literally” where I should’ve used the word, “figuratively”. No, I literally can’t wait for this product.

Watch Doug give you a couple of brief overviews:

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