Why I pre-ordered Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. Yes, pre-ordered.

I’ve never pre-ordered software before in my life. In fact, I’ve always given software a wide berth upon release, hoping for that eventual “0.01 update” that gets those inevitable kinks out of before I install it and jump in. So I guess I’ve always been a little conservative with regards to that type of stuff.

Not this time.

Take some time and watch Greg Rewis walk through the creation of an HTML5/CSS3 based workflow using Dreamweaver CS5.5. Watch how he creates documents for multiple screens. Watch how he uses Dreamweaver’s built-in webkit browser. Marvel in amazement.

I’m getting this sight unseen.

From Adobe TV:

Explore all of the new workflows for creating for the web and mobile devices. See how Creative Suite Web Premium 5.5 allow you to create and deliver standards-based websites apps and immersive digital experiences across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and televisions. Author content with HTML5, CSS3, and the JQuery mobile framework; target multiple platforms including Android™ operating systems, iOS, Blackberry RIM and Adobe AIR. 

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