I wonder sometimes…

I’m the least “superstitious” person I know. I don’t believe in “fate” really, or “karma” or any of the other constructions we generally make up to help us deal with uncomfortable truths. We live, we die, a bunch of shit happens in between that we rarely have control over. I firmly believe that life is one of those things that just happens. There are people all over the world right now dealing with much worse problems and issues than you and I currently have on our plate, and all things are relative. Oh, there are things that we can exercise our opposable-thumbed-will over. We can control our diet and maintain a reasonable level of fitness, and if we don’t, there are repercussions… etcetera, etcetera… But I don’t really subscribe to a real… I dunno… “deeper meaning” to it all.

But lately, it seems that life is telling me something. I’m not quite sure what it is, but I feel like pieces of  a puzzle are being placed in front of me in a sort of haphazard way. If I could only move them around, rotate them a little bit, perhaps they’ll fit into place and all will be revealed.

I mean I’m not really superstitious… that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in zeitgeist.

You ever get that feeling?

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  1. I could have written a lot of this myself. When I get that feeling I have to careful look at my life. Though I don’t believe in fate or karma, things in life do have consequences.

    Though people are made to look for patterns in things as an instinct, doing so can result in conspiracy theories etc. At the same time I have to keep in mind that I certainly don’t know everything. Just because science has yet to prove or disprove something doesn’t mean I should discount the possibility. I consider myself smart enough to know I’m ignorant. Belief or disbelief can be a dangerous thing.

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