Lunch spots in Myrtle Beach with Free Wi-Fi

UPDATE: February, 24th, 2010

Looking to grab lunch in Myrtle Beach? Need to take a laptop, iPad, NetBook? Need to have a business lunch?

Yeah, me too… often.

What follows is a list and map with all the current, known locations in Myrtle Beach that serve lunch and have free Wi-Fi available. It’s an ongoing, growing list of places that I’ll constantly edit and update as new locations are discovered.

This where you come in. Know a place? Feel free to drop them in the comments below (or fill out my handy Contact Form), and as soon as I confirm, they’re in the list. Just give me the name and location of the spot, and I’ll check it out, confirm that the only two requirements are met (1. Do you serve lunch? 2. Do you have free Wi-Fi?) and BAM, they’re in like Flynn.

Current Locations In Myrtle Beach Serving Lunch with Free Wi-Fi:

  • Collector’s Cafe – Myrtle Beach
  • Atlanta Bread Company – Surfside Beach, 544
  • Food Court – Coastal Grande Mall
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – Carolina Forest
  • TGIFridays – Murrells Inlet
  • Subway – Carolina Forest
  • Quiznos- Carolina Forest
  • Croissants Bakery Cafe – 38th Ave. Myrtle Beach
  • Habibi’s Cafe & Market – Waccamaw Blvd.
  • Mellow Mushroom – 10th Ave. N. Myrtle Beach
  • Fiesta del Burro Loco – 960 Jason Boulevard, Myrtle Beach
  • McAlister’s Deli – 1760 Pine Island Road, Myrtle Beach

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9 Replies to “Lunch spots in Myrtle Beach with Free Wi-Fi”

  1. TGIF in Murrells Inlet. I use it there all the time. If you sign up for their rewards program also, you get a lot of coupons to make the lunch more affordable.
    You should also put an asterisk or something for places where we can poach wi-fi without buying anything. Barnes and Noble Market Common is good for that. It’s especially unethically ironically fun to sit there, poach wi-fi, get on the Borders website, and order a book with my credit card.

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