The Seven Days of Thanksgiving: Day Five, Six, and Seven

Hug the people you love. Tell them you love them. Make sure they know how much they mean to you. If you have kids, hold them tight and be right there, in that moment. Don’t be anywhere else in your head. Hold your wife (or husband). Tell them how much they mean to you. Call your mom, dad, sister, brother. Tell them how much they’ve impacted your life. When I say the words, “best friend”… you know the face that just popped into your head? Call them today. Tell them how much it means to have them in your life. Tell them a funny story about something you two did that you always think about that makes you smile.

THAT is what’s important. Nothing else. Not work, not “the internet”, not TV, not anything you can get on eBay.

That’s the “Seven Days of Thanksgiving”. I’m finishing it up early because I’m not going to waste time sitting around thinking about things to blog about over the next week. I’m going to spend that time with the people I love.

You do the same. We’ll get back together after the holidays. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with the ones who are most important to you.

Be thankful for them.

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