Here’s how I imagine that conversation went down…


“Okay people, here’s the deal. Parents are having a shit-fit. We can’t sell sticks made out of sugar, with a little painted red-tip, packed into boxes designed to look like cigarettes, and call them ‘Candy Cigarettes’ anymore. It’s just not working. So we’ve got a machine downstairs that makes sticks out of sugar, and another machine that makes cigarette boxes. Any ideas? ”

“What about if we just call them ‘Sticks Made Out of Sugar’ instead?”

“You’re fired. Next?”

“I know! We’ll call them ‘Candy Sticks’. That way, it still has ‘candy’ in the name, and kids love sticks!”

“Okay, I like where you’re going with this. Now. What about the box machine? How do we work that into the mix?”

“We’ll print superheroes on the boxes. Kids love superheroes.”

“I like it, it’s a real win-win. Let’s go with that one…”

Candy... sticks?

Kids LOVE candy. Kids LOVE superheroes. Kids LOVE sticks. It's a no brainer, right?

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